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From: Richard Legg

RE: Unstoppable Traffic

Dear Marketer,

If you have an online business, are preparing to build an online business very soon, or have aspirations of one day owning your own online business, then there is one thing, above all else, that you must know how to do:

Drive Traffic! ... 

NO Traffic = NO Money!

No matter what anyone tells you or tries to convince you of, if you cannot drive traffic to your web sites, then you don't have an online business.

Some will tell you that your product is the most important... well, what good is a product that nobody ever sees?

Some will tell you that copy is the most important aspect of your online business. Well, no traffic means nobody is reading that copy in the first place.

And others will shout at the top of their lungs that, "Content is king!" Again, who cares about the content on a site that is never seen?

The bottom line here is that without traffic to your web sites, everything else is totally irrelevant. Not to mention that no traffic means no sales, which means no money:(

Keep reading to find out how you can generate as much free targeted traffic as you want, any time you want... more on that in a moment...

You currently doing the 9-5 and trudging through the daily grind? Are you spending your precious time locked up in bumper to bumper traffic every day as you commute back and forth to your job?

Imagine for a second if the only kind of heavy traffic you had to deal with was the kind that was flooding your web sites... searching for products and offers that you were selling...

Imagine if you could pick any niche and quickly and easily dominate the search rankings for top competitive keywords and keyphrases in that niche...

And imagine if you could do this over and over and over again... as often as you wanted to... any time you wanted to.

Think this would change your life?

You're right. It would. Because that kind of power... the power to drive targeted traffic at will means that you would be making sales and generating income.

LOTS of income.

If this seems like some pipe dream or far fetched fantasy right now... I can assure you... this COULD soon be your reality, if you'll allow me to share what I know with you.

But first...

My name is Richard Legg.

I’m no different than anyone else and I started off from scratch online with ZERO marketing experience.

When I first began just a couple years back I had little time to apply towards my Internet business because I was in college full time and I was working 20-30 hours a week at a part time job.

I was only making minimum wage so as you might imagine things were TIGHT with a capital T.

I had no choice but to make it work – I had to pay for rent and food in college and I even took a second part-time job working weekend nights for a taxi company.

Now, I don't know about you... but the prospect of driving around drunken college students from bar to bar every night became a grim reality that I did NOT want to live with forever.

I knew there had to be more so I studied and studied hard!

But what's more, I took action on the things I had learned.  Now, one of my best subjects in college was science. I enjoyed science because the way my mind works is that I like to deal with reliable systems that give predictable, repeatable and measurable results

I decided one night that I was going to apply the same philosophies of science to my Internet business to make it work for me. So, I began creating my own traffic systems that worked for me on autopilot once I get them set up and slowly but surely things started to come together for me. 

And as time went by it became easier and easier the point where I began making FAR more with my online business than I was at my two part time jobs combined!

Imagine the kinds of things you could do if you were bringing 1000 unique targeted visitors to your web site or sites every single day.

Do you realize that if you were selling a $10 product on that web site and converting at only 1% (low by industry standards) that you would be making $100 per day, $3000 per month, and $36,000 per year off that one web site alone?

This is on a $10 product... what if your product was $20... or $30... or $40... or what if you had 2% or 3% or more in conversions? Yep. You get the picture... this one web site would make you a small fortune by itself.

What you're looking at below is a shot of one of my own websites which brings in over 1000 visitors per day, each and every day, all free, thanks to my scientific traffic formula:

And while this kind of free traffic is enjoyably profitable... what if you had the ability to come in and quickly muscle your way into a competitive niche?

Well, here you can see where I took a brand new domain name and muscled my way into the Traffic Secrets launch - generating top 10 Google rankings in just 16 hours after registering the domain name!

That simple site made me a cool $1,400 in commissions from FREE traffic and only took me 3 hours to setup.

And that's not just a one time deal - check out just one of my rankings for the Product Launch Formula 2.0 launch below where I got #1 rankings for VERY valuable keywords.  So valuable in fact that they made me $7,253.73 in affiliate commissions for around 5 hours of work!

My powerful methods beat out all the Web 2.0 marketers and their Squidoo lenses and Hub pages too 

And just to show you how valuable this kind of traffic is to YOU... check out this shot of what people were paying for AdWords Traffic on this very keyword phrase:

At an average of $15.81 per click, the TARGETED visitors that I got FREE, would have cost me a whopping $5707.41 through AdWords!

This techniques are simple and easy for ANYONE to apply ... just click on the video below to see what internet marketing sensation Eric Farewell has to say about Traffic Uncut...

(Click On The Video To Start Playing)

While my Google traffic makes me plenty of money... my methods don't cut out the other big players... check out a site of mine that grabs a heavy stream of targeted buyers from Yahoo & MSN.

Below you can see the number of searches for keywords and keyword phrases I targeted with my site www.BestPennyStockList.com:

Here's my number 1 listing for the phrase best penny stocks list in Yahoo:

Here's my number 1 listing for the phrase good penny stocks list in Yahoo:

Here's my number 1 listing for the phrase list of penny stocks in MSN:

Here's my number 1 listing for the phrase best penny stocks list in MSN:

Listen, I'm not here to blow smoke and toot my horn. I use these examples only to show you what YOU can do, once you understand the deadly effective methods I'd like to reveal to you, if you'll have them.

And why would I want to share them with anyone you might wonder?

Well, after I started to experience online success, my close friends and family wanted to know what I was doing and how I was doing it, so I started showing them. 

That's natural I think... people gravitate towards success and want to be part of it.

Now my dad, who had never used a PC in his life up until 2 years ago, followed my traffic blueprint and now he's making money online – using just one of my techniques.  And he's doing it all with an old, beat-up computer and a dial-up connection!

"Hi Richard,

Just wanted to send you a photo of me holding my first clickbank cheque for $345.  A few more like that and I will be able to invest in a new computer and maybe broadband as well!

I really can`t thank you enough for all your encouragement and help.

Dad "


A friend of mine named Derek used my methods to make hundreds of dollars his first month online after following my instructions; and my brother in law Jesse is completely offline but ranks on first page of google for several of his keywords in just a few days.

Other people are getting front page rankings in record time thanks to these techniques!

Well, with all the people asking me for help, and many of my loyal readers too, I decided to put together the most comprehensive course I could, detailing everything I know about traffic generation.

Not just an ebook – but live video of me actually showing you what to do step by step – all you have to do is copy what I do and you succeed too...

I am a believer in abundance. I have no qualms about showing anyone my methods because I KNOW there is more than enough to go around for all of us.

And that is exactly why I am more than willing to share ALL of my deadly effective traffic methods in my comprehensive, cutting edge, and step by step course...

Traffic Uncut is 11+ hours of pure content video shipped to you on DVD-ROM, broken up into easy to digest and focused modules for each topic where you will watch over my shoulder as I show you EVERYTHING you need to know to drive floods of targeted traffic to your web sites starting today!

In addition to the video presentations you'll also receive full PDF presentations of every powerpoint slide so you can follow along with the videos and use them for quick reference over and over for each new site you create.

That step-by-step Traffic Uncut workbooks take you by the hand and build your own fool-proof traffic blueprint.  Follow the easy checklists and you will know that you’re doing the right things at the right time.

Here's a fraction of all the incredible traffic driving methods you're about to discover:

Module #1 - Keyword Research

 Why most people get keyword research wrong and end up targeting the wrong keywords that will never bring you traffic or sales (It’s NOT just about the “long-tail”…)

 Why you MUST use a certain browser to get accurate results for keyword research (99% of people don’t even know this!)

 My personal keyword tool that I use to research keywords 25x faster (and you’ll get it for free)

 How to test the REAL competition for any phrase (Hint: It’s not just searching for it in “” quotes!)

  How to effectively spy on your competition (using free tools) and easily outrank them

 And much more!


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Module #2 - Optimizing Your Website

How to create search engine friendly pages that suck in massive amounts of free traffic

Over 30 factors you need to consider to rank as high as possible

Over 20 factors that could send your site plummeting down the search results faster than a lead balloon. You must avoid these at all costs …

The most important decision you will ever make about your site … it happens before you write a single word of content. Get this right and you virtually guarantee yourself higher rankings.

The one thing that every single page must contain in order to get hundreds of top rankings.

The special “double up” method that can bring you even more traffic for every single page

What you must never use in your title tags – things that can spell disaster for your seo efforts.

The truth about META tags and why they are invaluable when used correctly – plus the one thing that can do your site massive harm.

Why worrying about keyword density can cost you time and money
The 3 little characters you can use to instantly make any webpage more relevant to the big “G”.

3 essential rules to using images to effortlessly increasing your rankings.  The perils of using Javascript and CSS and what you must do if you use either – failure to do this can mean a drop in rankings

What you need to do when adding more pages to your site to ensure your rankings go up and not down.

How to avoid “navigation duplication” and other problems that can make Google drop whole pages of your site from their index

The one thing you need to do when linking to your homepage to naturally increase rankings (Most webmasters don’t do this!)

The “Trinity of Authority” – 3 important links you must have on every single page.

And so much more!


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Module #3 - Off Page Strategies

The one thing that can override all of the optimization factors above

The best types of links to get and why the information other people have told you may be useless.

How to get your site indexed in as little as 24 hours – using completely legitimate methods the search engines are actually ASKING you to use.

Where to find hundreds of quality, search engine friendly sites that WANT to link to you – how to get them to give you a link for free.

What you must do to ensure Google doesn’t penalize your site right from the start.

Where you need to be getting links from – discover why one link can mean a lot more just by changing it’s position

How to separate your sites from all the spam sites online, show Google that you mean business and why they’ll reward you for it!

How to get links from “super” authority sites that Google trusts in order to give your site instant authority and increased rankings

What NOT to do when getting links to your site – just one of these is like signing the death warrant for your website

And much more!


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Module #4 - Content Domination

How to “piggy back” on authority websites and steal thousands of targeted visitors from their sites.

The one mistake that people still make that can damage your whole site’s campaign and authority.

How you can survive the constant search engine algorithm changes and come out on top while others fall off the results pages.

The right way to create content to get the maximum amount of autopilot traffic to any website.

The sites you MUST be submitting content too and why you may be wasting time with others.

3 top tips to ensure your content sucks in eyeballs and converts them to visitors ready and willing to whip out their credit card.

One thing you must do in order to make your content flow and pull the reader to your salespage.

The number one mistake people are making that can result in ZERO visitors to your site. Are you doing this now?

Use the “power of 2” to get more traffic, more opt ins and more sales – it only takes 30 seconds to do it!

Write a profit pulling article in 7 minutes flat when you follow these 3 simple steps.

How to double the exposure of EVERY article you write with this one proven method.

The “secret” EzineArticles.com trick that almost nobody is using, and how you can take advantage of it to get even more top rankings.

4 top techniques to get authority websites to give you links for free.

Where to get free software that get you up to 125x more exposure from just one article.

How to get to the top of the search engines in a matter of minutes.

How to use press releases, and how you can double the traffic from each release by submitting it at a certain time.

And much much more!


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Module #5 - Blogging For Big Bucks

The “Golden SEO Rule” and why you need to be using a blog.

How to set up a fully SEO optimized blog in minutes.

8 reasons why blogs can be better than regular websites for sucking in traffic with minimal effort.

The most important decision you need to make when setting up your blog – get it wrong and you’re almost doomed from the start.

The exact plugins you need to use to make sure you’re getting the most “link love” for every single page on your site and increasing your rankings.

The one plugin you can use to build your list on autopilot.

How often you should post to your blog to keep the search engines coming back for more.

The WordPress trick that allows you to get 5x or more work done in one go.  How and where to get stunning free images to add to your site, and how to use them to boost your rankings.

The one formatting element you need to remember that will get people sharing your blog and bookmarking it like crazy.

The “Post-Posting” methods to get your blog even more exposure in the search engines.

Increase backlinks to your blog with these 2 cool features.

How to use firefox to instantly tell you whether another blog is worth linking from.

The simple trick to getting literally hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of high-PR passing backlinks to your site with just 5 minutes work. (I’ve NEVER told anyone about how I use this!)

And much more!


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Module #6 - Social Bookmarking

How to effectively use social bookmarking as part of your SEO strategy.

The best places to bookmark for thousands of potential hits.

The 2 services you must be using to get maximum traffic and backlinks.

One thing you need to get right before you bookmark anything.

How to avoid making mistakes that can cost you precious links to your site.

The underused technique to get massive exposure to your bookmarking pages.

The “Cross Network” method to creating an inescapable web that gives searchers no other option but to visit your site.

The secret exploit that can get 2-3x more backlinks to your site (and almost nobody is using it!)

And much more!


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Module #7 - Social Media and Authority Sites

The secret to “selling without selling” and how to drive eager prospects to your website.

The exact keywords you need to use to weed out freebie seekers and focus on rabid buyers.

What type of content you should be using on these sites – get it wrong and you won’t make a penny, get it right and clean up!

Complete list of all the websites you must be using to dominate the search engine results. Imagine a top 10 where you own 5 or more of the results!

“Cross-Linking Revealed”: Exactly how you need to link various web pages together across different sites to increase each one’s ranking and keep visitors on your pages.

The secrets to using “wiki” sites and how to get your own authority wiki that can rank high naturally for competitive terms.

Authority Classified sites that get your content indexed in a matter of hours and bring you targeted traffic AND high rankings.

The top networking sites that can bring you crazy amounts of niche traffic for free.

And much more!


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Module #8 - Video Marketing Victory

How to tap into the millions of people watching videos online every single day.

How to create a simple video in 10 minutes without expensive software.

Top tips to getting your videos to rank in the search engines

Why you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to create an effective video.

The best way to spy on your competition and outrank them with ease.

What videos work best on YouTube – The 4 key “styles” that you should use that suck in massive amounts of views.

Why “keeping it real” is easy and profitable.

How to come up with ideas for quality videos in less than 30 seconds.

One thing you MUST include in your video for maximum profitability.

How to use more advanced features in YouTube to dominate their search results.

The secrets to spreading your videos across multiple websites with just one click.

What you must do after each and every video you submit to get even more traffic.

How to add YOUR links to OTHER people’s videos!

Where you should use your videos to get thousands more views.

The most important part of your entire video – get this wrong and you can kiss your traffic goodbye.

Discover the secret “Piggy Back” method that can bring you hundreds of thousands of views – with NO extra promotion from you. (This one is big!)

And much more!


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Module #9 - Pay Per Click Profits

How to perform effective PPC keyword research (HINT: It’s WAY different to regular research)

Why you should throw away some of the most popular keywords in your niche.

The secrets to why “Less is More” when it comes to PPC.

Correct ad copy creation for maximum clickthrough rates.

Campaign structure to avoid the dreaded “Google Slap”

How to study your competition and why you should do this before you spend a penny on Adwords.

Tips to creating ads that you KNOW will get clicked on.

The one thing your ad MUST contain if you want people to act.

Discouraging useless clicks from people who don’t really want to pay you – only pay for people who WANT to spend money.

How to constantly get higher and higher clickthrough rates on all your campaigns.

Creating the perfect landing page - the essential information you MUST include on each landing page to get a “Great” quality score. Fail to do this and you could be hit with $5 clicks.

The one word Google does NOT like to see on squeeze pages and how you can avoid paying more by not using it.

Off-page factors you can use to improve your quality score.

How to make Google think your site is a trustworthy site in 2 simple steps.

Advanced tips to pay for less for more qualified clicks.

How to apply these tactics to other networks so you can clean up.

The “underground” tactic you can implement right now to instantly increase clickthrough rates and drop cost-per-click on all your campaigns … (It’s so simple but almost nobody thinks about it!)

And much more!


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Module #10 - The “Forgotten” PPC Method

How to slash your cost per visitor spending with Google.

The secret to creating a click-hungry ad for the content network.

How to profit from text-ads that aren’t really text-ads.

The best color to use for creating image ads.

2 different methods for laser targeting your ads to ensure maximum profitability.

The most important aspect to remember when choosing where to show your ad.

How to get your ads on the top 10 sites in the Google search results.

The best networks to buy traffic with the “alternate” method.

Get hyper-targeted traffic for a penny or less.

The incredible secret tactic that shows your ads to buyers only – only suckers pay for the other 98% of people who click but won’t buy!

And much more!


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Module #11 - Forum Marketing Fortunes

Why forums are a goldmine for targeted traffic

How to find the best forums for your niche

What NOT to do when you signup to a forum.

How to position yourself as an expert in the field – even if you know nothing about the topic.

3 things you can do to find super targeted buyers who will happily hand over their hard earned cash to you.

How to use forums to increase the rankings of any site you own.

What you should and should NOT promote in forums – get this wrong and your reputation goes out the door.

How to “buy” forum traffic legitimately (and cheaply).

And much more!


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Module #12 - Ezine Marketing Success

How to avoid walking the Ezine “tightrope” that can break the bank.

The best type of ads to place that pull in the most return on investment.

What ads you should NEVER buy … Purchase these and you might as well be throwing money down the drain.

3 things you must find out before even placing an ad in an ezine.

The best ways to find any ezine on any niche in a few clicks.

The #1 source for contacting ezine publishers who will run your ad for free!

How to sell your product without actually selling…

The types of ezines that you must avoid at all costs.

How to make sure that your ads are actually getting read by people – this one is very important.

The question you must ask before your ad runs that can tell you whether you will make money or lose money.

The one simple sentence that can instantly increase your conversion rates for any promotion.

And much more!


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Module #13 - Resale Rights Revealed

The secrets to using cheap resale rights products that drive hungry buyers to your website.

How to profit from other people’s efforts while you sit back and reap the profits.

7 profit-pulling methods to generate cash from every single product.

How to funnel traffic to multiple websites from just one ebook.

The most important link you should include in your product and exactly where you should place it.

How to keep the traffic flowing on autopilot by adding just one simple sentence.

Discover how to use these secrets for software products as well as ebooks.

Where to find rabid resale rights buyers who are desperate to give you money.

The one aspect you must remember that will guarantee a continuous flow of buyers to your site.

And much more!


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Module #14 - Ebay Secrets Revealed

How to do keyword research specifically for eBay – target the exact terms people are searching for.

Use eBay the RIGHT way to drive a flood of targeted leads to your website and grow your list overnight.

How to legally save on eBay fees that could otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars.

Get on the front page of eBay for just over $1 a day

Why the number 35 is CRUCIALLY important to your listing – if you don’t know why, it could be costing you hundreds of lost visitors.

What you should focus on in your ad and why you shouldn’t use a standard sales letter.

How to tailor your products specifically to the eBay crowd for maximum conversions.

The 2-step approach that can make you more sales and more money.  The ultimate eBay + SEO tip to getting your listing to appear higher in the search engines than other listings … even identical ones.

And much more!


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Module #15 - Extreme Exit Traffic

Why you should never be happy with a 2-3% conversion rate (or as I say a 97-98% REJECTION rate)

How to make more sales, build your list, increase conversions all with the same amount of traffic.

3 different methods to recover and recycle lost traffic (and I’ll even give you the software to do it)

The top 4 techniques to using exit popups effectively.

Why the one webpage you never see may be the most important one for your visitors.

How I convince people trying to steal my product into people who happily whip out their credit cards to give me money.

The one rule that you must remember overall – ignore it at your own risk.

And much more!


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Module #16 - Viral Marketing Secrets

The “secret sauce” to making something go viral.

2 components every viral marketing campaign MUST have.

What you should NEVER do with a viral marketing campaign.

Examples of campaigns that generated MASSIVE amounts of traffic.

How to monetize a viral campaign.

What people really want and how you can use that to create massive buzz for your campaign.

Why videos are ideal for your viral marketing mission.

3 top ways to create your own viral marketing piece today

And much more!

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Module #17 - Testing For Profit

Why everything you ever heard about testing from so called “gurus” may be flat out WRONG and costing you money!

The most important elements you should be testing on every website.

Simple testing mechanics and advanced strategies show you the best way to test your websites based on your own traffic levels.

The best free tool to use to test and track an unlimited amount of campaigns.

Why you shouldn’t stop at testing just your website – The top 3 “other” things you should also be testing.

And much more!


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Module #18 - Offline Traffic Tactics

The difference between offline and online viewers and how you can exploit it for increased profits.

Why offline leads can be 10x more profitable than online leads and why you should focus on them.

How to market offline and the type of ads you should be using to generate the most leads from every advertising piece.

2 crucial elements you’ll need to consider when choosing your domain name – Offline promotions are VERY different to those online.

The style of ad you should use to get the maximum response. Why the best ads don’t look like ads.

How to use offline promotions to increase conversions for your online promotions.

My #1 resource for inexpensive offline ads that blanket the entire USA.

And much more!


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Module #19 - Instant JV Traffic Boost

Why joint ventures are the easiest way to get traffic but what you must be aware of before looking for them.

6 top ways to get on the “guru radar”.

How to contact potential partners – through email, phone and mail.

Using social proof to get potential partners to jump onboard.

What to give them before you even ask for a promotion.

The most important number you will ever need for a joint venture.

5 proven ways to make it easier for them to say yes (and more importantly … make it harder to say no!)

The one thing you can use to instantly motivate partners to aggressively promote for you.

One of the most profitable methods for selling products through a joint venture.

How to build your list, build your credibility and make a killing while they do all the hard work.

And much more!


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Module #20 - Affiliate Program Profits

How you can use affiliate programs to increase your sales by 10, 50 or 100 times.

What you need to do in order to get affiliates to bring in big bucks for you.

The easiest way to set up an affiliate program and the best options available online.

How to decide whether you should host your own affiliate script or use someone else's – the good and bad.

How giving away more money can make you even richer.

3 Deadly mistakes that can kill your affiliate program before it’s even begun.

Examples of tools you need to provide your affiliates so that they have as many ways of making you money as possible

The best people to target first when recruiting new affiliates.

The top affiliate directories to submit your sites to and attract super affiliates.

How to instantly expose your affiliate program to thousands of active online affiliates.

And much more!


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Secret Bonus Module - Backlink Method

In this just added secret bonus module you'll find out how to take a brand new website and generate hundreds of high authority, one way backlinks and a minimum page rank of 3 for just 30 minutes work.

Using this method I have captured bucketloads of #1 Google rankings for brand new domains – sometimes as quickly as 24 hours!

Most of the time, these are little more than 2 page websites with minimal content.

I have NEVER revealed how I do this in any report ever and I doubt I ever will again. In fact, if I see that too many people are using it I will remove it from the course.


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Applying these step by step techniques and methods WILL drive an unstoppable stream of free targeted traffic to your web sites... and you'll be blown away by how quickly that traffic grows.

In fact, the shot below is a perfect example of the kind of traffic growth you can expect when you begin using the Traffic Uncut techniques too:

Notice the steady increase month over month... you too could begin generating a heavy flood of targeted traffic with these methods starting as soon as today. After all -- you're getting a comprehensive course that reveals ALL my insider secrets for grabbing top rankings and traffic.

BUT... I'm not stopping there... because if you take action right now, I'm also including:

Bonus #1 – 4 Week Webinar Series With “Renegade Copywriter” John Hostler - Value $197

John Hostler has quickly become one of the TOP copy guys in the Internet marketing industry, generating millions of dollars for his clients.

One of the driving forces behind John's success for himself and his clients is his ability to relate to the reader and get them to forget they are reading copy.

John dubs this technique "conversational casual" and now he's going to show you how you can use this incredibly potent technique too, no matter what your level of experience is with copy today.

By acting today, you'll get 4 weeks worth of video webinars where John walks you through the creation of sales copy for your squeeze pages, sales letters, autoresponder and more.

If you want more sales -- then you need to listen to what john has to say... and he's sharing it ALL with you in the incredible series of videos. You won't be able to find this program anywhere else online!

And you're also getting...

Bonus #2 – Professional JV And Affiliate Program Software And Membership Site Script. - Value $297

Afiiliate programs and joint ventures are possibly THE most powerful way of driving thousands of targeted visitors to your website for free and with zero effort on your part - they do the hard work for you!

Now you can have hundreds of JV partners and affiliates driving traffic to your websites and control it all automatically from one easy to use control panel.

Create unlimited membership site scripts and setup powerful joint venture and affiliate programs that run on autopilot.  

Plus you'll get access to...

Bonus #3 – Fully Customized And SEO Optimized
Blog Theme 
- Value $97

Get a customized blog theme that sucks in search engine traffic completely ready to go on any wordpress blog.

This theme has been specially modified for front page rankings and maximum SEO benefit and is not available anywhere else.  

This is the same theme I use on my own top ranking sites and now you can use
it to boost your own site rankings.

These bonuses alone are worth their weight in gold and could easily catapult you to online success by themselves, and could certainly be sold individually for hundreds each.

But... these are all yours for free, just for making the smart decision to secure your copy of Traffic Uncut today.

As you can see, Traffic Uncut has a real world value in the thousands. So surely it wouldn't be out of line for me to ask, say $1,997?

I'm sure by now we can agree that insider access to my methods for grabbing top spots in MSN, Yahoo, and Google on competitive keywords, and generating steady streams of targeted traffic is worth at least that much.

While I COULD ask $1,997 and get it all day long, I'm not gonna do that.

No... I want to help as many people succeed as I can and I think you're about to be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable this IS.

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"Hi Richard,

I just wanted to tell you that you’re Traffic Uncut course is beyond incredible.

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Gabriel Aguinaga

BUT -- that is not all. Nope. When you take action today I'm also going to remove any bit of risk for you with my...

Listen -- I am more than confident that Traffic Uncut can help you to drive the kind of traffic to your sites that can change your life.

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   Richard Legg

PS - Don't forget -- there are only going to be a LIMITED amount of copies of this Traffic Uncut sold. Some of these techniques are so powerful and effective at getting easy #1 rankings that I'm probably going to be removing them from future versions.  

PPS - I'm removing every ounce of risk with my "You Get Traffic Or You Get Your Money Back Guarantee". You have a full 60 days to give Traffic Uncut a test drive for yourself. If it's not everything I say it is and you're not getting the free targeted traffic with these methods, then I don't want your money. It's that simple. You truly have NOTHING to lose!

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"Hi Richard
I would like to say a big thank you for your Traffic Uncut Course.

I have implemented only one secret I learned in the course - and the results have been phenomenal to say the least.

Three of my pages rank on page #1 of Google for the 3 keywords I targeted;
Keyword #1 ranks #1
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I didn't believe you when you said there are no secrets in generating web traffic, but now its really believable as I see the tangible results.
I also loved the methodical manner in which you delivered the course.

This has really helped a newbie like me - and I have no doubt that its gonna get better for me when I implement the rest of the modules.
Keep up the good work!"


Meshack More

"It's been a long time since I've seen a product
this good, that didn't cost at LEAST $2,000


Man. I seriously haven't a clue what you're doing.

Not because you're explaining some of the most complicated aspects of SEO and traffic generation knows to man in the most simple, down-to-earth and step-by-step manner I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

Not even because you're selling the whole damn home study course for less than the cost of ___________, but rather...

Because you're releasing this publicly.

There's only one way you can justify. Two, actually.

1) Seriously limit the number of people who get access to this. (recommended)

2) Raise the price BIG TIME. I'm talking by five or six times, and take it from low-ticket to über high-end.

I'll be honest. I'd class myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to SEO and traffic generation.

After all, I've spent the past 24 months slaving away on the internet, making tens of thousands of dollars online and garnering hundreds of thousands of visitors to my websites.

And within ten minutes of watching, I'd already been hit round the head by your knowledge - as you proved to me that ALL the keyword research I'd been doing in my time online was absolute BS. That is to say - it was... Well... [CENSORED]

WHY don't they teach you that you shouldn't use ________ to do keyword research, but HAVE to use __________ to get accurate results?

Beats me.

At least there's someone who actually KNOWS what they're doing and isn't just copying what other liars are writing in cruddy freebie articles.

KUDOS man, and take my "highest recommendation" sticker, and put it somewhere nice.

Walk tall man. Walk tall.

It's been a long time since I've seen a product THIS good, that didn't cost at LEAST $2k from my kitty."

 David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson

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